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noun: cycling
-the sport or activity of riding a bicycle. Bicycle
racing has three main forms: road racing (typically
over long distances), track racing (on an oval track),
and cyclocross(over rough, open country).
Oxford Dictionaries


Hey, my name is Jeriah Locklear and this is my website. I created this website out of my passion for cycling.You can find some interesting information on hill climbing, mountian climbing, and cycling world records on this site.

My Reasons

Although I have only been cycling for 9 months I
know that I will continue to cycle for the rest of
my life. Here are my reasons why:

  1. Improved Health
  2. Need for Speed
  3. Reduced Stress
  4. Get to Travel
  5. Scenery
  6. Healthy Heart
  7. Lose Weight
  8. Guilt-Free Snacking
  9. Be Competitive
  10. Get a Natural High
  11. Do Something I Want To Do
30 Reasons To Cycle

Here's my email in case you want to contact me:

I only have one social networking account and it's for
exercise. Strava allows me to track the number of
miles that I cycle and run each week. Contact me on Strava!!!